I’m an artist, teacher, creative soul, creativity catalyst, and healing guide.

I am an intuitive, mixed media artist. I love all art materials, so I like to use as many as possible in my artwork. I create most of my art after meditating…and I never know what is going to happen on the canvas…that’s the FUN of it. Its all about being open to possibility, exploring and PLAY! I am inspired by color, pattern, nature and the Goddess.

My goal is to spread as much sparkle and love as possible thru all of my creative soul work. Kind of like a love warrior, but one with painted overalls.


I felt like I was going through each day without a purpose. I wondered what was wrong with me. I was unhappy, unsettled and felt very raw.

My self-confidence was non-existent.
I turned inward to try and understand.

On paper, everything looked beautiful. Great job, loving husband, healthy kids. But I was sad, really sad…and empty. One day, I grabbed an art journal on the way out the door to an appointment and threw it in my bag. I found myself opening it up and just writing. After a while, I found myself write the sentence


I had no answer. But, I found myself curious enough to start the process of finding out.

I committed that day to my art journal…and my creative passion.

I also committed to a daily meditation practice – a little morning ritual of my own design…and my life changed.

Art, meditation, journaling….the combination was so very healing to my soul.

My mission is to spread love thru my art, to encourage others to live their JOY, to reconnect with their inner child and to live their dreams. I believe I am here in this world, to help others find their sparkle, to uplift peoples’ spirits and help them remember how to CONNECT TO THEIR CREATIVE SELVES!

I love to watch my student’s eyes light up when they create their artwork…and see their spirit dance across the canvas. I was an art teacher (public and private education) for over 20 years so I am ALL about exploration, intuition and taking chances. I love teaching others how to play, have fun and create art with heart.

I also adore teaching people about the benefits of meditation and the creation of a spiritual practice that supports their daily activities. I’ve been meditating for over 16 years and my daily spiritual practice keeps me grounded and able to create from my heart.

Combining these two is where the SPARKLE happens!

Creativity is my magical gift. Art is the way I share it..I love to awaken others to the magic that is within them.

In September of 2016, I published my first coloring book entitled “MANDALA MANTRAS: 30 Inspirational Designs to Color”. Combining the positivity of affirmations, the meditative qualities of mandalas and the stress relief that coloring provides, it has been a wonderful addition to many people’s daily routine. Coloring is a simple, easy way to bring fun and joy to your days. You can find it worldwide on Amazon.

Part of my journey as an artist and creative encourager is to work with others in sisterhood, bringing joy and happiness to their projects!  I would love to work with you to create something super special. Retreats, workshops, small group classes. Sounds great! Let’s chat!

I also enjoy inspiring and empowering groups of young students to embrace their truth thru artist-led workshops and am available as an artist-in-residence.


BFA Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

PreK-9 Elementary Art Education Teacher Certification Program, Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA

M.Ed Lesley University, Boston, MA