Does the full moon mess with you?
It totally messed with last weekend for sure!
I woke up at 2AM and did not go back to sleep for about three nights in a ROW!.

Suddenly, EVERYTHING seemed like it needed to be figured out. To be honest, the most prevalent on the “what to do next list” is this cute little cartoon cutie of mine DharmaJoy.

One night it was almost as if she was standing in front of me asking “what are you going to do with me now Stephanie?” For so long she has been part of my world here at Hello beautiful soul. I truly appreciate her and want to share her with the world…I’m just unsure what to do next. I’ve had ideas thru the years, but nothing has materialized into form. (I get kind of excited, then lose interest…)

What would you like to see DharmaJoy become?
Book? Inspiration deck? I’d love to hear your ideas!