Important news to share with you.

I have decided to take a break from Hello beautiful soul.

This is a direction that I am being guided to, from deep within my soul.

Throughout the past years, I have been blessed to be part of a great many adventures with this business.

I have been so incredibly fortunate to work with people that I have admired and who have served as mentors in my creative life. People that I had put on my “bucket list of creative dreams”.

I’ve been part of art communities that I adored from afar..and invited as a creative catalyst in many online retreats.

I’ve created online classes that filled my heart and created an online school where creativity and soul work were embraced.

I’ve taught many women in person how to connect to their intuitive voice and create from their heart.

I’ve created many inspirational campaigns that focus on growing more love in the world and choosing joy.

I’ve shipped paintings and prints and my creations around the world! To places I have never even been to!

I’ve created a coloring book, an inspiration deck and many, many paintings!

I’ve had an Etsy shop and had a beautiful website and store designed for me.

I’ve worked with beautiful clients helping them create the project of their dreams.

All of this started with one little drawing…a little doodle of a girl with pigtails that was helping ME thru a difficult time.

My Dharma Joy drawings were magically healing for me

…and soon many others began to say that those drawings were helping them too.

Dharma Joy took me on a beautiful ride where I truly felt I was living out my purpose.

The past year has been difficult.

At a time, when inspiration is needed and so very important, I’ve found myself immobilized and unable to create what I truly KNOW the world needs. I’ve watched my business come to a screeching halt and seen many other businesses close their doors. The pain and suffering that the world is enduring is so very heartbreaking.

Throughout the past few months, I have been struggling.

I’ve been wondering and I have been questioning. I’ve had many heart to heart discussions with myself.

The answer? 

Its time to take a break. It’s time for Goodbyes.

Its time (maybe) for something new. 

Its time to sit and wonder…and dream.

It is time to be open to ALL the possibilities and figure out what path I want to head down next.

I thought this chapter with Dharma Joy and Hello beautiful soul would be my last and final mission in life…but it seems that The Universe has other plans.

We ALL have a purpose in life…but we can have MULTIPLE missions. 

I’m curious to see what The Universe has in store for me.

I send each and every one of you my deepest love.

My biggest blessings….

My loving prayers.

Thank you for embracing me and my work. 

Thank you for being part of my colorful world.

All my love,