mental health support

Hi there lovely! I hope all is well with you in this new year 2021!!
I am back after a bit of a long siesta and a lovely winters nap.

As I am writing this email it is officially GroundHog Day here in the US and the little guy has decided that we will have 6 more weeks of winter. (If you looked outside my windows, you would see that little critter was incredibly on target! We’ve just gotten a huge snow storm!)

I have something to share with you.

When I took my little siesta from Hello beautiful Soul…I had no intention of coming back.

Yup, that’s the truth. I was DONE with having a business.

For a while, it was LOVELY! No “work” to do, no orders, no hustle (I HATE the hustle of owning a business, probably not the best thing to admit)…nothing to make me feel obligated. (Feeling obligated is the WORST feeling.)

And then it all HIT…Well if I am not DOING that…What next?

Since the age of 14, I have worked. I have had three businesses in my lifetime and a gorgeous career as an art teacher.

And then..POOF! I was what we jokingly called in my family…RETIRED. I had visions of sitting down and painting and crafting…and well, just sitting.

Sitting is a beautiful thing…but if you know me, you know that I **don’t like to sit down** and after a while of cleaning out every cabinet in my house…I started to wonder what was NEXT.

I asked the question “WHAT DO I DO NOW???” so much I think that my Spirit Guides might have blocked me.

mental health support

I thought that taking time away from Hello beautiful soul was going to lead me down some magical path where everything was totally and *magically different*. As you can see, I love a good MAGICAL and happy ending!

Since I wasn’t getting any answers to my numerous attempts at questioning, I kind of gave up on asking the question.

I decided that if and when the Universe wanted to give me the QUEEN of ALL ANSWERS, I would be available. So I meditated and watched a lot of Netflix (current favorites: Reign, The Crown, The Vampire Diaries as well as The Great British Baking Show!) and the Food Network (Kids Baking Championship! Love it!)

One day, I did hear in meditation that I needed to take better care of myself. It was a huge wake up call and honestly, had me crying tears. I was told that what was going to come next, would REQUIRE me to be a better version of myself.

HMMM…I was confused, but thought ok..I’ll do it.

So, I made myself a list of ways I could take better care of myself. I had already stopped drinking alcohol in September (that’s another post) so here’s what else I came up with:

*I started to work out with the SWEAT app.

*I tried to stay off my phone.

*I began collecting plants! Not only do they make me happy, but as someone with asthma they clear the air!

*I pretty much gave up eating a lot of red meat. (I’ve always preferred veggies anyway.)

*I started to declutter and organize my house.

*I found books to read that were interesting and about the journey of life.
Two I recently finished:
The Wisdom of the Shamans
The Ikigai Journey: A Practical Guide to Finding Happiness and Purpose the Japanese Way

*I started crafting again, just for the FUN of it…wood houses are my favorite things to paint!

*I started to walk a 5K a day in the mornings (that subsequently was removed once I started really loving lifting weights!)

*I took myself on a beautiful (ONLINE) retreat with a fantastic woman named Lacy Young that I will rave about forever.

And, I sat myself down in my meditation chair with my journal and waited…this time PATIENTLY.

It took a bit. I wasn’t used to NOT asking questions…but sitting in silence allowed me to breathe again. And guess what?

BOOM! The answers came.
And here I am. HA! Right back where I started.

HOWEVER, this time around…there is no business….nothing to sell or package up, no hustle, no filming classes…just positivity and love and inspiration to share.

This was my answer during meditation. My way of serving. Me, my cartoons, my art and my heart! To take everything that I LOVED about what I do and just DO THAT. Creating ART for ARTS SAKE!

Me and my cute little character Dharma Joy have had a little upgrade and for right now, its all about LOVE. Period. Which was EXACTLY how it started!

So my dear ones, here is your reminder that good things travel in circles. Things that are MEANT to find you will come back to you..even if you send them away.

So If you are wondering what to do next…maybe stop asking the question…sit, be patient and BE OPEN to what comes. Focus on ALL the parts of you, not just what you DO. Make yourself a little list of ways that you can take care of YOU and start there.

The answers will come.