I’m working on a new watercolor illustration series called ” Dare to…”. Yesterday on the blog, there was little hint of it with a free printable for you to color, journal with, print out…etc. Hope you have loads of fun with that!

Today we begin with my guiding belief. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.

I firmly believe that the minute that you flip that switch, accept what makes you different; what sets you apart from everyone else and ROLL with it…is when your inner magic sparkles.

The right people show up, the right opportunities fly your way, the Universe breathes a beautiful sigh of relief and says “Welcome home.”

For me, when I stopped worrying about what other people were creating and focused on my art and what I truly loved to do…everything shifted. It was as though my heart said “YEAH!!!! she can finally do what she is here to do.”

Don’t focus on how you can fit into the world…think about how you can just be YOU.