The word BOLD is such a cool word isn’t it? Filled with power and determination. But for many…its tough to be bold. (Speaking from experience.)
The fear of BEING SEEN for all that you are…of TAKING UP SPACE….of “showing off” (that’s one from being a kid for sure).
Being NOT showing off. It is fulfilling the promises that you made before you came to this world. Its about remembering who you are here to BE. Taking action…making plans and following thru.
Go ahead…be BOLD!!!
Tell me in the comments what your BOLD plans are!
For me? I’m working towards teaching both online and in person. I’m going to get over the insecurity I have about being SEEN…(on camera!!!) and just go for it. I’ve got oodles of binders filled with class ideas…and what’s stopping me? ME!!! and my foolish insecurity!
In terms of teaching in person….I’m all for that!!! (I did that for over 20 years)…but its come down to finding a studio or renting a place to teach out of. I have to admit, there are moments that the DETAILS hold me back from pursuing this. But, I just have to be BOLD and keep looking!!!