Today I bring you a little message from my Dharma Joy Inspiration Deck.

Be different! Dare to be different!

There is only ONE of you in the whole world. You are your own special, magical combination of science and magic! Why would you try to be like everyone else? What lives inside of you MUST be shared. Be who you are. Embrace what sets you apart from everyone else and roll in the glitter that is your soul!

When you are your authentic self, you share from the heart. You meet the right people, the right opportunities come your way. The Universes breathes a beautiful sigh of relief and says “Welcome Home.”

This image was the first painting I did for my Dare to series…and many of those paintings turned into the art for the deck. Did I know what I was creating when I started? No! I was just doing something different!! A recent comment about the deck that it is a “horoscope for your soul”…isn’t that amazingly cute!!
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