Thank you for all the love this past week with my questions about what to embrace next with my cutie pie DharmaJoy.

It made me warm and fuzzy to read your comments and your sweet messages on social media.

This pigtailed girl has taught me so much and to read that you feel the same way…there are simply no words. And the love for her friend Oliver, the bluebird…that just made me giggle. (I love him SO much too!) Who knew that a girl and a bird could prove to be such an inspiration? HA!

I’ve decided to give DharmaJoy and her friends a special spot in my new online shop. I’ll be adding prints and some other fun items and I will be sure to let you know when its ready to go.

I had a chance this weekend to sit surrounded by my hundreds of paintings…remembering what message had called me to create each and every one. It was a powerful reminder to BE BOLD…to try new things…to take chances. SO, my advice? Go for it!

You just might end up somewhere wonderful!!!
The place where your beautiful soul shines!