I’ve been staring at this little painting of mine this morning. This is me, doing what I love. This painting was part of a series I was working on called the “Dare to” series.
I never finished it…I dared NOT to finish it. 
I love everything about the project, but for right now…it doesn’t provide the same magic it did once before.
There are other projects here in the studio that I also have dared to stop working on…dared to let go of for the time being.
(Interesting how something that took all your attention at one point, you can just stop doing?)
I have dared to start other projects and I have dared to go back to the world of teaching….because right now those things feel daring and brave and filled with magic.
My new workshop series “Nourish your Creative Soul” kicked off last week…and it made my heart swell with love.
What have you dared to let go of?
What have you dared to try?