I am overJOYED to post this photo! A long awaited dream has just come true!

I created my own inspiration deck!

My character Dharma joy has been my life-long companion. She helped me thru some pretty dark times in my life.

For a while, I stopped drawing her…except in my journal. We would chat about all my ideas and what was on my mind. (She gives very good advice!)

One night, I had a dream…and she was in it. I woke up feeling like I needed to honor her place in my life.

So I got to work…guided along by spirit and lots of coffee!!

I combined 45 of my watercolor paintings to create the deck.

I had started the process of writing/imagining the deck a long time ago, so I dug out my notes and decided which words to use for each card. Then I got to work on formatting the cards and writing the guidebook.

Along the way, I learned an incredible amount about photoshop and all the necessary requirements for printing. (I’ll write about that in another post!)


I’ll be sharing more photos in another post along with the process of creating your own oracle deck and how to use it.

I call mine an inspiration deck, but its all the same really! You can use these cards as a daily oracle if you choose…or just for inspiration! It is good for all ages!

If you would like to purchase the deck or learn more, please visit my online shop!

You can find the deck HERE.