Hello beautiful souls!

Seems that I did another disappearing act from this little blog of mine!

Times are strange and surreal right now in our world. With COVID-19 taking over each and every day in each and every part of the globe. Its been overwhelming and scary.

Part of the way I have been showing up is to continue to spread love and positivity and happiness. Most every day I share a cartoon over on my facebook page.

I’m trying to paint myself happy with participating in #the100dayproject2020 and I am exploring my art supplies and experimenting with combining abstract art with my own whimsical style.

colorful abstract art


colorful abstract art


colorful abstract art

Point is…I’m trying my best. We all are. Each day is hard. Emotionally, Mentally and sometimes physically.

hello beautiful soul cartoonTake care of yourself. DO the things that bring you joy. Connect with the people you love…thru FaceTime, zoom and by social distancing. 

Find ways to love yourself a little more.

Be back soon!