Within us, there are 7 centers of energy. These are called CHAKRAS.

When they are in alignment, you feel good..you have energy,

you live your life to the fullest.

When they are misaligned, you may feel less than great, have physical or emotional difficulties.

Just not feel like yourself.


Many years ago, I felt the call to embrace my empathic nature.

I listened to the Divine whispers inside of me, asking me to learn about energies and healing therapies. I intuitively knew that these things were part of my path. Once I embraced this side of me, my life changed. I started creating art that made my soul sing, painting intuitively and in harmony with my creative truth. I studied and implemented healing strategies into my life and I began educating others on how these simple new ways of being in the world, allowed me to embrace my Divine truth and live my best life.

I want you to feel your very best! Let’s get those energies aligned!

I am a certified Reiki Practitioner.

I also work with Chakra Balancing and Energy Medicine.

I provide a positive heart centered approach towards health and wellness.

I love to share what I heave learned with others.

I am available for workshops, retreats and events. 

I speak about Intuitive Divine healing energy, essential oils, meditations and crystals.

I not only provide Inspiration, but proven techniques to help you feel better and energized.

Suitable for both teens and adults.

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