Happy SPRING beautiful soul!

I adore color! and I am in love with flowers. So, SPRING makes me very happy!

This past week, I have been playing around with colors that I normally wouldn’t use in my work.

As an intuitive painter, I never know what’s going to happen! So much fun to explore color and shape and see where you end up!

I started these paintings, with the intention of choosing muted tones of colors from my collection.

Every painting goes thru an “ugly stage” or what I like to think of as the stage of “what on earth am I doing!?!” For me, I just keep working thru it…and it eventually gets to where it needs or wants to be.

Using these colors was quite a challenge for me. But in order to grow as an artist, you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone!

As the painting progresses, I usually begin to “see” things and I follow the painting’s lead on what to do next.


The muted tones weren’t my favorite to work with, so I soon found myself pumping up the saturation of some of the other colors to balance the painting out.

(I love how the kittie emerged in the third painting!)

Next up, was adding all my patterns and details. I am a true pattern-a-holic!! I believe that they add magic to my work and I couldn’t imagine creating art with out them!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I pull a painting together!

Here is the link to get your free print! ENJOY!

Happy Spring Free print PDF

Happy Spring beautiful soul!