Its a NEW YEAR!!! Yahoo!!! HELLO 2018!!! With the new year comes a lot of questioning, goal setting, intention and addressing what changes, things, ideas, beliefs, ETC that we might want to add, delete, alter, re-prioritize….you get the idea. Its a LOT of stuff to think about JUST because the last four digits of the date changed.

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed too?

LOTS of people tell me that 2017 was difficult for them. For me, it was a year of growth, of change, of digging deep. There were some fabulous parts, some amazing parts, some magical parts..but sometimes the way our brains work is that we tend to remember the ugly or the more troublesome buggers than the good ones.

During those tough times, you might feel as though you are off balance. A little off center…with part of your life dictating where everything else falls.

The day after Christmas, my youngest daughter had her ruptured appendix removed. Suddenly, my teeter-totter flipped totally 200% into MOM-mode, as it should. Everything else took a back seat. A time of setting intentions and looking forward to the New Year and all the magic it brings….well, it became more about making chicken soup and cuddling around the tv watching Kung Fu Panda and Tinkerbell (two of my favorites!).

And you know what I did…I took a deep breath and enjoyed it. I sat in gratitude that my daughter had been cared for by some of the best doctors on the planet and I was incredibly thankful that she was healing and the last 9 weeks were over. (You can’t take a ruptured appendix out right away…so it has been a long few months of her feeling miserable.)

Most of all, I got to sit and reflect on my list of priorities. I got to think about how I have been *trying* to balance my life this past year.

Honestly, I haven’t been all that great at it.
How have you been doing?

There are magazine articles and podcasts all about how to balance your life…how to balance your career and your family…how to have it all in 10 easy steps. I’ve read them, listened to them….tried to follow the steps and then, well…life gets in the way

I think having it “all together”; that kind of 100% balance is a myth….that maybe too many people try to play into.

I have realized this:
Some days I am a creative, productive artist.
Some days I am a great business woman.
Some days I am an amazing mom.
Some days I am a fantastic, supportive wife.
Some days I bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan…and well, maybe you remember that song, maybe you don’t.
Point is…some days I can do it..but most days I can’t.

We are human dear ones…we have good days, rough days, fantastic days and days when we think it might be best to go back to bed! You can have a rough year and still be OK. It all balances out

Next time you are feeling the pressure to try and balance it all…ask yourself should you?