Happy Monday Beautiful Souls! Your card for the week is EXPLORE!

Here is your message:
Think of your life as an epic adventure.

How can you explore the world that you live in?

Explore new ways of being, both mentally and physically. Perhaps, it is about learning a new skill or trying new foods. It could also be about exploring your options.

Think about all the different areas in your life. What might need rejuvenation?
Explore some ways to bring more light into that area.
Look thru your home and see what may no longer suit you.
Explore your closet! Do you love each and everything in it, or are you hanging on to old energy?

Here in the studio, I am exploring all sorts of new ideas. I’ve been pretty obsessed by geometrics lately…not sure why.

I call these little watercolor experiments : LINE LANDSCAPES.

Just plain FUN to create and so relaxing. I like to keep things monochromatic so that I can focus on the lines and shapes…and not get overwhelmed by color choices.

This project will be included in by upcoming online WATERCOLOR MAGIC class!! (Another part of my universe that I am EXPLORING…filming, editing, talking while painting!) 🙂


Hope you have a beautiful day!

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