Ever feel like you can’t get out of your own way? Like you have lost your mojo?
I feel like this right now.
My inspiration has gone into hiding.
What I realize, since this has happened before…is that this too shall pass. My brain is filled with many, many ideas…but my motor to get things done, needs to REST.
REST is a super duper important part of the “process” of creation.
Resting helps you assimilate and regenerate. it helps take all your ideas and sprinkle them with magic…so that when you ARE ready to get up and go…things work a whole lot better.
This whole lack of inspiration comes as no surprise to me right now…life is full of seasons, just like the weather here in MA. I’m heading into my very own season of winter-my hibernation, where I understand that my focus seems to shift at this time…to learning, researching and quiet contemplation.
My message to you is to not force your own process. We humans, ebb and flow with our energies…allow yourself time to recharge.
Give yourself the gift of patience.
During this time of reflection and contemplation, I have gifted myself with a container full of books. I’ve signed up for a creative class or two to jumpstart new ways of getting messy and I have folders and folders to go thru for my upcoming classes that will be released in January.
I am giving myself the gift of time.
Sure, I could rush thru everything…but would that honor my intention? To create something that TRULY reflects what I want to offer the world?
Sure, I could create a bunch of art or illustrations that I rattle off in a few days…just to post to social media, but would that honor my intention?
A big fat no.
The Creative process is filled with hills and valleys…the key is to just keep walking at a steady pace…and keep breathing.