“I’m not going to be able to do that!” were the first words out of a very, very sweet students mouth as she came into the studio for my Mandala Mantras Class. I let her know that anything and everything is possible…if you have the right tips and tricks for success! After a very short time, she was full on into the swing of things and her mandala was radiating brightly….just like her smile!

My Mandala Mantra class was held at the beautiful Craft.ed Studio in Concord, MA. The room was filled with light and it was a perfect day for drawing.

Snuggled up with some tea, I began by sharing how I created my coloring book Mandala Mantras: 30 Inspirational Designs to Color.

For 30 days, I had given myself the challenge of creating not only a mandala, but a mantra to go with it. By the end of my challenge, I felt better, plain and simple.

Drawing the mandalas helped me focus my energies and adding the mantras helped me relax even more. I started sharing my mandalas on social media and when it became apparent that this process could help others, I created the coloring book.

Since creating the coloring book, my mandala process has continued and my mandalas have become more decorative. My process for creating them even changed a little since then and that’s what I wanted to share with my students.

Even though something looks complicated…if you break it down into steps, you can do it!

We started by creating our own grid. Super important part of the process!

Then I had everyone practice some basic shapes and patterns. There were “cheat sheets” to get the process rolling along.

Some close to create their mandalas in color! The results were spectacular!

No one in the workshop had ever drawn a mandala…and they left inspired to stop at the local art store and buy supplies!

What wonderful work! And a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!

I am in process of creating Mandala Mantras into an online course! I’m hoping for a launch date in MAY!

Isn’t that piece amazing? From “I don’t know if I can do that….” to THIS!!!

So proud of all my students!