Welcome to Mandala Monday!

Todays Mandala Mantra is all about BEAUTY!


Today may you understand that all of the beauty that you see in our world…lives within you as well.
I spend an enormous time in nature..marveling at all the beauty that it offers…taking pictures of leaves, of flowers, of trees. But it got me thinking…how often do we look at ourselves the same way?

Each one of us is a magnificent creation….only one of us exists.

We need to look at ourselves the way we appreciate the beauty in this world.

WHY MANDALA MONDAY?? I adore mandalas…I love them so much in fact I created a whole coloring book about them! What started out as my way of doodling my thoughts, became so much more. For thirty days, I created a mandala with an accompanying mantra. As I went thru my day, I would repeat this mantra. There is SO much power in words. A daily mantra captures your intention and places it out in the Universe where it can be heard and action can begin! Creating my coloring book “Mandala Mantras: 30 Inspirational Designs to Color” was an act of joy. My hope is that it will help teens and women of ALL ages understand just how powerful they are. (You can find my coloring book on Amazon worldwide.)