Every day on the blog, will now be known as MANDALA MONDAY!
Each week on Monday, I will post a mandala mantra. I hope it serves you well.
Here is the Mandala Mantra for today!
In the song “Amazing Grace” there is a line..”I was blind, but now I see.” I believe this is the intuitive voice making itself known. The moment when we feel lost, feel left, feel unsure and we finally SEE the truth of the situation. We see the path towards healing.
Each one of us has a deep, inner knowing that if we listen; can guide us to what we NEED to know. In that same vein, it can help us HEAL what we need to heal. All we need to do is listen.
WHY MANDALA MONDAY?? I adore mandalas…I love them so much in fact I created a whole coloring book about them! What started out as my way of doodling my thoughts, became so much more. For thirty days, I created a mandala with an accompanying mantra. As I went thru my day, I would repeat this mantra. There is SO much power in words. A daily mantra captures your intention and places it out in the Universe where it can be heard and action can begin!¬†Creating my coloring book “Mandala Mantras: 30 Inspirational Designs to Color” was an act of joy. My hope is that it will help teens and women of ALL ages understand just how powerful they are.