There’s so much talk about manifesting in the spiritual world. But I also think there is some confusion as to how to go about it.
Many thought leaders suggest that you have to actively engage with your intention for a set amount of time…or a cycle under the glow of the moon.
I like to think of it like this….know what you want, place that intention in your thoughts and keep working towards it…with the knowing that if you DO the work and you are in the process of strength and READINESS…it will make its way into your life at the precise time it should.
Trying to manifest something when you are not deeply committed and ready for it (even if you think you are) doesn’t work in my opinion. The Universe is ALWAYS listening, but it doesn’t work with a human timeline…UNLESS the time is right.
I have been working towards something for years…its always been in the corner of my mind as something that I truly want to do…but I wasn’t working towards it…I was coasting. I had so much MORE I needed to work on before it could make its way into my life.
Yesterday, it did. And you know what??? I am ready. I am more ready than I ever have been. The process has been gradual to get here in the readiness…but only a few days ago I mentioned to my husband my plan and CLICK…it happened. Now some may say “THAT’s powerful manifesting”…sure, but its also a girl who has done the work..and has climbed up the hill. Its a girl who is READY, willing and ABLE.
What are you working towards?