Every morning I have a ritual of clearing my energy and space, meditation and journaling.
I say my Chakra Affirmations…to energize my energetic system and I pull my inspiration cards for the day.

I’ve been doing this for some time and when I don’t do it…I feel very off.

A morning practice is a beautiful way to start your day. It can take as long as you want…or can be a quick check in. Its really up to you.

Recently, I’ve added a morning walk. I adore trees so this is a way for me to study them and put that inspiration away for time in the studio.

A morning practice can be ANYTHING you want.

Movement, writing, working out, sitting in silence. Listening to music. Reading.

Its all up to you.

I found this quote by Rebecca Campbell recently and I have added it to my mornings. Its so beautiful.

I’d like to share it with you…so I created a free printable.

Click the text below to download.

Morning prayer


Love, Stephanie