Over the moon excited to announce that I have launched a Home and Life Collection over at Society6.

High on my bucket list has always been to create my own designs from my original artwork. One day, I felt a simple nudge to go for it.

This was an idea that had come around a LONG time ago…but drifted away as I pursued other projects.

Honestly, at first I thought I was going to hand make everything….I even uploaded my fabric design to Spoonflower….and was about to dust off my sewing machine. (My undergrad degree was in clothing design.)

I also gave binding my own notebooks and journals a try.

Making your own art journals and notebooks is so fun!! I actually loved it. I made so many that my arm muscles were aching 🙂 I will definitely do it again…and I think it would be fun to put to gather a tutorial. Its on my list! I learned SO much!! Once you get the hang of the machine, the possibilities are endless.But all of that takes time…and I really want to spend my time CREATING art…so that I can re-create it.

So I asked myself my guiding question…”HOW CAN I MAKE THIS EASIER?”

The answer was Society6.

I create the designs…they do the rest! Win, win!!

The first thing that I designed was a pair of leggings!

Seriously, I’m in leggings ALLLLL the time…and they are always patterned. Why not sport a pair of my own design? I actually laughed as I was working on the idea.

I have always been a pattern lover. I adore patterns from all over the world.

Being able to take my own work…and recreate it into a pattern was something that I didn’t think was possible. (I’m not the best with tech.) With trial and error and lots of coffee…I figured out a way of working that not only taught me a lot…but brought me so much MAGIC and INSPIRATION!

I have learned SO much thru this process and am excited to continue learning and growing in this area of my business.

Until Friday (March 15th) Society6 is offering 25% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Just follow THIS LINK to shop! (You have to follow this link, if you don’t they will not honor the discount.)

Hope you find something you love!