My new SoulCraft program “Nourish Your Creative Soul” launched last month and I couldn’t be more excited to share with you some of the beautiful people I met and their amazing artwork. I didn’t get all their cute pictures but I’m happy to share these happy smiles!

For years, I have been attending retreats and soul classes. One thing that was always missing for me was an art component. So I decided that I would create my own program!

Nourish your Creative Soul attends to all the parts of us women. Our mind, body and soul…and then it adds the magic of creativity and play! Each class is a powerful container where we craft with our hands and connect to our souls. We utilize all the methods and soulful practices that I have learned (meditation, grounding, essential oils etc.) and combine them with fun, playful, amazing art processes.

January’s workshop was MANIFESTING and INTENTIONS.

In this class, I guided these lovely ladies thru a creative word collection process and then we got down to the SOUL WORK of deciding what truly spoke to our hearts.

Their creativity amazed me!

After deciding on their intentions, they designed their personal manifesto and got to work adding color, framing and other decorative elements.

There were two sessions of this class, and each one began with a grounding mediation and a discussion of what items were on our sacred altar.

I always have an altar in my studio. On it, you can find items that enhance creativity and help me to connect to inspiration. For my workshops, I utilize the same principles.

Each altar had enhancements for focus, motivation, creativity, grounding and FUN! Crystals, sprays and more!

I pulled an oracle card at each workshop to serve as guidance from the Universe. A reminder to let go and be in the moment!

The best part of the workshop was seeing the women dive in deep and truly connect to themselves. To take the time to BE and relax into the process of creativity. The laughter, the smiles, the joy on their faces….pure bliss for my heart!

Friends, mothers and daughters sharing special time together! What can be more magical than women coming together to CREATE?

The next workshop is Saturday, February 23RD from 2-5PM at Craft.Ed Creative Studio in Concord, MA.

We will be focusing on SELF LOVE and creating our own watercolor AFFIRMATION deck of cards.


Hope to share the magic of SoulCraft with you!