Creativity is often the first thing to drop off our priority lists as our days get busier and busier. But studies show when you make time to CREATE, you actually fuel the rest of your body and THRIVE!

Nourishing yourself with creative time brings more happiness, confidence, connection and fun into your life!

PLUS, you get the chance to PLAY!

Join me for a new monthly offering!


Together, we will create a playful, yet powerful container where we will CRAFT with our hands and CONNECT to our SOULS. I offer up my well-loved spiritual practices and combine them with soul-fueled art expressions.The class activities are simple pleasures that allow you to access your creativity with CONFIDENCE AND JOY! All art materials are provided! Each monthly thematic offering is unique and lovingly created with the intention of INSPIRING your creative juices to FLOW, while supporting your MIND, BODY and SPIRIT! No art experience necessary!


January’s theme is MANIFESTING and INTENTIONS


“Tell me what is it that you want to do with your one precious life?” (Mary Oliver)

Who do you want to be and how do you want to FEEL in 2019? Come design your own personal manifesto out of collage materials and declare your intentions for 2019. We will also create a “word of the year” foundation rock to ground these personal intentions. ALL MATERIALS ARE PROVIDED. No experience is necessary.



In this workshop you’ll

  • create a handmade personal manifesto and foundation rock
  • set and activate your intention for the New Year
  • be guided through a collage process to open up to realms of endless possibility
  • gain support as you expand into your bigger life vision
  • connect to yourself and your guidance for the New Year

After the workshop you’ll

  • know how you want to feel in 2019
  • become stronger and more willing to take action on your creative dreams and projects
  • be clear and focused on your life mission
  • feel free of obstacles, fears and resistance as you start the New Year

Each monthly workshop is $65 and includes all materials.

Each monthly workshop is $65 and includes all materials.

I am honored to teach my signature offering on FRIDAY, JANUARY 18th from 7-9PM

First Baptist Church of Bedford: Connections Building, 155 Concord Road, Bedford, MA

To REGISTER, please visit my CLASSES page!