Proud as a peach to open the doors to my new online offering “PROMISES TO MYSELF”.

This 14 day workshop is filled with inspiration, journaling and activities that will gently guide you toward creating lasting change in your life. I’ve never been able to keep resolutions, but I CAN keep promises!⁠

All of the PROMISES in the workshop are designed for YOU. Promises that fuel your soul, lift your spirits and guide you towards grace and beauty. Promises that help you tap into your strength and connect to your power.⁠
PROMISES TO MYSELF will run live starting JANUARY 15th. Registration will close after that date to keep the group grounded and the intentions of the collective cared for.⁠

I’d like to start off sharing with you why I developed this program.

As each year begins, many people make New Years resolutions. 

Way back when, I tried to do so as well. I’d craft up a beautiful list..but honestly, I was never able to keep them. I would start out REALLY strong…maybe keep one (or two) for a week or so, and then find myself sliding right back into my old ways. 

It IS normal, and research shows it happens all the time. 

Why do so many of us try to change as the New Year begins…as if there is something magical about January 1? I admit, it IS a fresh start to a new year…and there is beauty in new beginnings, but fresh starts can happen ANY day! You just have to WANT to change.

Change is tough…change is hard…but the RIGHT change is beautiful. 

I’m talking about SOUL-FUELED CHANGE.

Changes that make you FEEL GOOD about yourself. Take you to another level of happiness, joy and self-fulfillment.

You don’t need January 1st for that…you can start ANY DAY.

You might not be able to keep a resolution…but I sure bet you can keep a PROMISE!



All you need to participate is a journal and an open heart. There is an optional private facebook group as well for support and encouragement.⁠

The class includes 14 days of emails, journaling prompts, activities, soulful music and lots of inspiration and stories. Each day also includes a piece of downloadable Dharma Joy artwork! (This one below is one of my favorites!)

Please share this with a friend you may think would be interested! The more the merrier!