Are you showing up in the world as the *real you*? or are you hiding your magic? I have been asking myself that very question lately. My answer is filled with “kind of…in this way…a little bit.”

NOT the way I want to live my life..and if this is you…I would gently remind you that we have this ONE life to explore…to journey thru.

Let’s not hide behind closed doors…let’s talk about the things we love. Go the places we get excited about. Share all the wonderful things we know about. Find our circle of sisters or brothers, hold their hands and fill our hearts.

Next time someone asks you “What are you up to?” Don’t hold back. They might look like a deer in the headlights…OR they might totally VIBE with what you are sharing. You’ll never know until you open your mouth!

Here’s my response to “Stephanie, so what are you up to lately?”

Well, I’m creating lots of art that feeds my soul. I’m currently working on creating workshops and retreats that combine all of the tools I use to support my high vibe art life…meditation, energy healing, crystals, essential oils and yoga. I’m also working on an online offering that will allow me to share my message around the world! Its a very exciting time for me.

Let’s do this beautiful souls!