Ever wake up around 3am? That’s a magical time in the “woo woo world” that I am part of. Its been said that that time between 3-4am is filled with massive electric connection to the Divine spirits. That the “viel” is thin so to speak and its a great time to get “downloads” of info from your guides in the sky.
So you know that I wake up frequently during this time..and am wide awake listening to my guides give me all sorts of info about me, my life, my creative practice…even my business and painting.
This morning in no uncertain terms I was guided towards heading back into my color family work. (Something I had been thinking about but it was cool that they agreed!) I was also told to “loosen up” a bit 🙂 So that’s what I am going to let me guide today here in the studio.
Hope you have a beautiful weekend!!