I’ve sat down to write countless blog posts so many times…and something always seemed to take my attention away. I can’t seem to get in the groove of making it happen and it made me wonder why?

I think it all comes down to confidence. To self esteem.
To feeling like what I have to share is of value.
And doubting my own truth.

Self doubt and not believing in yourself can lead you to think that you are not enough. That maybe its time to let go of things that you once found really important.-

For me, it made me doubt my connection to Hello beautiful soul.

These past few months I have done some major soul searching. I’ve taken the time to ask myself the really tough questions and get really honest with myself.

What once fit, felt tight and confining.
What once made me filled with joy, made me feel pressured.

What I realized what that this confusion, this questioning was and indicator of great transformation.

A metamorphosis of sorts.

Growing pains.

What I decided to do was let myself off the hook. To take the time to really reconnect with my joy…to energize myself thru PLAY. My art practice has always centered around play and I had fallen off track. I had distanced myself from my intuitive connection to my own art. I could hear my soul whisper…”Its time to go backwards.”

Full circle. Back to the beginning. Back to where I started.
Playing in my studio. Intuitively answering what my soul called for. Allowing myself to have no plan.

To create freely..to create intuitively…to allow myself to follow my inner whispers.

And this is where it became magical.

I went back to art journaling.

Art journaling is a place where anything and everything can happen. You can create with freedom…without judgement. It is place for you and you alone.

My art life had become so public…everything from my deepest thoughts created in cartoon form to my daily posts on social media about what was happening in my studio felt forced. When I feel forced….I hide. When I hide, I immediately head into self doubt.

Art journaling gave me back my inner connection. 

Not only does art journaling help me process my feelings but it also helps me be playful, be inventive, take chances and experiment.

So, if you’ve gotten this far…thank you. I bet you are wondering “what on earth does this have to do with the “future of Hello beautiful soul” as highlighted in the subject line.

A lot my dear friends….

 I’ve decided to take a bit of a break from creating cartoons. I’m painting up a storm…just not cartoons. I’m not sure right now what the future holds for my sweet little characters, but I know that I need to be true to myself as an artist…and follow the path that my heart and soul is illuminating…and that is my intuitive mixed media painting practice.

I’ve decided in the meantime to recreate my original watercolor paintings into mixed media paintings and offer those for sale. This idea sparked my very first Facebook Live earlier this month and if you were part of that..thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your enthusiasm and encouragement! Its time to make room for the new energy of Hello beautiful soul….and sending these original paintings into the world….it feels right.

My time creating cartoons helped me find my voice as an artist. It helped build my confidence to go out and share my art with the world. No more being an artist-in-hiding. What I’ve learned is that each and every day we have the chance to create our lives. We don’t have to hold on to what we did yesterday…we can switch it up…try something new.

My dears, life is too darn short to not do what excited us, what lights us up, what brings MAGIC to the world!