I have begin the process of recreating my original watercolors as **one-of-a-kind mixed media canvases**. Creating my watercolor paintings brought me so much joy…but now I have combined my current artistic process to include my handmade paper and all of the cutting and gluing I love to do. (Seriously, nothing makes me happier than cutting a bunch of leaves or flowers!) Its my way of taking the beautiful energy of the past and combining it with the creative joy from the here and now.



Each painting has the original watercolor painting as its center. 
These are truly one-of-a-kind…they WILL NOT be recreated as prints. Due to their colorful nature, they have been protected by a clear coat of sealant, but they will need to be framed.

Each painting is 11″X14″ and has been created on a sturdy canvas board.



The cost of each painting is $65 plus $5 shipping. International shipping rates do apply…so that will be a bit more. These are all available in my Etsy shop. You can click the painting above to be taken to its listing on Etsy.

Or, you can find me HERE.

I’m hoping to be able to re-create a few of these each week…working with my little character again in this fun, fresh way is bringing me such joy!