As an intuitive painter, I never know where I am headed when I start a painting…and each and every other moment that I am “in ” the creative process. And that is freeing.

My focus is always on shapes and color…and pattern.

It is always so interesting what emerges from the canvas.

As the shapes and colors come together, sometimes I “see” things…in this case, I started to see this little dog…

Did I set out to start painting a dog? no…and that’s part of the MAGIC of intuitive painting!

You never know what’s going to happen!!

Shapes turned into flowers…circles turned into rays of the moon…and suddenly my little dog friend found himself meditating in a garden 🙂

This painting is so very special to me…it marked my adventure back onto my easel. I’ve been working for so long with watercolor and was feeling a little tight.

Standing up and painting BIG was JUST what my creative soul ordered!