I forgot my business anniversary! I’ve been so busy here in the studio launching my new workshops and painting up a storm that I totally forgot to CELEBRATE!! Its been three years of fun, color and LOVE!!!
Hello beautiful soul started with a doodle. Of a girl. A curious, ponytailed free-spirited girl and the words that she needed to hear. She was me…and I was her.
I was going thru a bit of a sad spot. Everything was good on paper, but my life was feeling less than joy-filled. This morning practice of doodling what was in my head and putting it out into the world…changed me forever.
These past 3 years have been filled with so many incredibly opportunities. I’ve created things that have been on my “art bucket list” like a coloring book, illustrating a children’s book, dreaming up 55 paintings for an oracle deck, fabric design and a return back to soulful teaching. I’ve worked with wonderful people and I’ve learned so much about who I am and how I want to BE in the world.
Your soul will take you places…you need only be willing to take its hand and trust.
To celebrate my three years of colorful business, I’d love for you to have a free printable of a recent painting!
To print: Right click on the image to save to your files, print and enjoy!