Today I bring you a message from my Butterfly Goddess.

She is a symbol of TRANSFORMATION and for me, at this moment of my life…a bit of a self portrait.

The Butterfly Goddess reminds you that even if you are in a period of transformation…you are safe.

You are letting go of the let in the freshness and possibility of the NEW.

It is a time to be celebrated…even though it can be scary.

I am in my own process of transformation.

I can feel it. Physically, mentally and spiritually.

Physically…I’ve been walking every day for over a month. Close to 5 miles a day. For someone who would rather sit at her studio table and paint…this was a shift. But I KNEW that I needed to take better care of myself. They say “sitting is the new smoking.”

Not only do I LOVE my walks now, but I look so forward to them and being outside in the beautiful fall colors here in New England.

fall trees New England



Every day I see new colors…another tree bursts into bloom. Its been amazing.


Mentally, I am transforming my thinking about my creative process. I am exploring more…playing more, searching more for MY unique perspective.

I’m being less judging of myself and accepting that I may need to let go of things that used to serve me in my business.

I’m creating art for me.

Deep, meaningful work that is serving my soul. Like my angel messengers.

Through all my playful experiments, I have found a way to combine all the things that I love. Watercolor, inks, paints, collage, paper….it is a blessing.


Spiritually, I’m doing more work with energy and continuing my learning process.

I highly recommend for amazing courses that can help you expand your awareness.

Transformation can be unsettling. But it always brings you where you need to be.