Today all I can focus on is transformation.

Inner transformation and outer transformation.

Outer transformation is easy to spot..its all about the physical changes…everything from hair to weight to the way someone dresses. Inner transformation is more difficult. You might meet up with a person and think to yourself “gee, they seem different”. Its usually because they are. Maybe they have gone thru a major life transition such as an illness or maybe they have finally made peace with events that have happened in their life. Finally LETTING GO of what was weighing them down.

Transformation changes you. Like a butterfly emerges from the cocoon. Like the way my entire yard is filled with two feet of snow when only a few days ago you could see every blade of grass. šŸ™‚ Like this painting you see here. Its all the SAME painting. ..and she’s still not done.

As an intuitive painter, I watch in awe sometimes as my painting transforms before my eyes…this young woman became a matureĀ all-knowing goddess as I worked on her. Never comfortable with the way I was creating her…she guided me towards a totally new direction and I immediately said “OH THERE YOU ARE!!!” Emerging from the paint as if stuck behind it until I listened. Wild ride.

I’m thinking of my own transformation…more inner than outer. Sure I recently dyed my hair purple…loving it. But my inner world is full of freedom that I could only have dreamed about. I let go of some huge issues that were holding me back. It is truly amazing what freedom you feel when you let go of what is heavy around your heart.

Be open to what may transform you.