This is THE question I asked myself a few years back when I was in the midst of a difficult period. At that time, I had no answers. I’ve fought long and hard to get to the place that I am now…but I am back asking myself the same question.


Lots of things bubble up…lots of things that I truly love and enjoy doing..or people I enjoy spending time with.

But this question has led to other questions:

Am I DOING the things that bring me joy? Am I making the time for JOY in my life? Am I living my life the way I want to live it?

Am I creating a business that is filled with things that bring me JOY?

I’m on a cleanse right now. I decided to do it because I wasn’t feeling my best. A cleanse is about taking things out of your daily diet to regenerate your system to its healthiest state of being. What’s been really interesting is I haven’t been able to create a single piece of art since I started.
Instead of creating art..I’ve been creating space. Quiet moments. Moments of deliberate connection with nature. Moments of thinking about what I DO want to have in my life…and realizing this cleanse…its really not about food.

It feels like I am walking thru a bit of darkness right now. Sometimes we have to do that in order to figure out where we belong, what we want to do, what move to make next. Sometimes we don’t have the answers right away. No worries, we will get to the light. We always do.

This coloring page is the first thing that I have created since starting the cleanse. The Universe directing me right back to where I started as I navigate this stretch of my journey.

Ask yourself….What brings me JOY? (Put those things in the bubble flowers.)


And then spend some time thinking about them as you color the rest in.

Am I doing those things in my everyday life? Am I spending time with the people who are on my JOY-List? What didn’t make the list?

And once all filled in take note of how you feel. Maybe take a minute and journal about it.

Wishing you nothing but love.

You can download your coloring page here what brings you joy coloring page