A little studio update!

I adore watercolor and I love, love, LOVE collage. But I found it difficult to find a way to put them both together. I was blocked.

I also LOVE strong goddess-like women. women with passion and purpose.

Women who have something to share.

One day, I was fiddling around in my studio and I found myself playing with my watercolors…dropping, dipping, just letting them do what they wanted to do. I started using tools from my table as mark-makers and I added a lot of water into the mix. I was enchanted!!

I made piece after piece and let them dry overnight. It was just about FUN.

When I came into the studio in the morning I meditated and honestly, it all came to me.

I looked up at one of my original goddess paintings and knew that I needed to work with that energy again.

At first, I thought about using the stacks of magazines in a corner of my studio and cutting them up..and then I remembered my good ol’ Gelli plate!!


I had taught my students a long time ago how to create magazine transfers, but it wasn’t something I had done in a long time.

The process is mesmerizing.

But tricky.

Getting a perfect print was not what I was after. I was more about capturing the essence of the woman in the photo.

I found myself grabbing every magazine I could find and looking for photos that caught my eye.

I even ordered bulk magazines from ebay!!

Some worked…some didn’t…and it was OK.

I took heads from some transfers and put them on the body of another 🙂 or got rid of the body all together.

After figuring out which woman would go with which background…it was all about embellishing. Taking what I liked about the transfer and leaving the rest. Changing the expression or intensifying the gaze.

Adding details with watercolor and pens. Add collage paper that I had created for other projects.

Most of all…just ENJOYING THE PROCESS!!!

All the while hearing what these angel messengers had to say. What they were sharing with me. Their wisdom and their light.

Their whispers.

More to come….