I have a little story to share about a girl who didn’t think she was good enough. She spent years watching everyone else do what she wanted to do. Eyes wide open, marveling at all the beauty that was being created. This girl had a huge heart and wanted to help people, but she didn’t know how. One day, she shared a drawing of the little girl that she drew in her journal. This little girl helped her process how she was feeling; sad, confused and the worse one: not good enough. People responded with love and said they felt better and that they felt like that sometimes too.
She kept sharing her little doodles, her thoughts, her dreams and before she knew it; her confidence grew. There was no plan, she just followed her heart.
Minute by minute…her wings grew stronger and more colorful.
Day by day, she found herself creating things that made her happy.
Month by month, her soul grew.
She no longer watched other people and wished she could DO what they did. She was now inspired by them, not intimidated.
Her wings were special..one of a kind, like no one else.
Each one of us is special.
Each one of us is our own brand of unique.
Each one of us is destined to fly.
Namaste (the light within me honors the light within you.)